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Bringing Papua New Guinea closer together with Affordable Internet. Emstret believes that no Papua New Guineans should be left behind. We are commited to bring digital equity and equality at an affordable price to all Papua New Guineans. Affordable internet connectivity services will create opportunities for Papua New Guineans to create gateways to better education, healthcare services, and economic development.

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Emstret offers Papua New Guineans with reliable and affordable internet services. We forsee a Papua New Guinea where families, villages and communities will gain access to world-class education and healthcare services in real time through high-tech modern digital platforms.

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Emstret uses Kacific broadband satellite technology manufactured by Boeing, and launched by SpaceX. Our affordable and reliable internet connectivity service is powered by a next-generation geostationary satellite operating in the Ka-band frequency spectrum. The satellite streams low-cost, high-speed, reliable, and stable broadband via 56 powerful spot beams. It also has wide reaching coverage that extends over 25 countries in Asia Pacific, with populations spread across many islands, mountainous and rural regions.